we love our new toy!

badass new range...

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pickled peaches

foie gras & pickled peaches

tim henley is a third generation farmer who brings us the best apples, peaches and occasionally berries that you just can’t beat… when he brought me the last of this season’s peaches, i made a big batch of pickled peaches so we could enjoy the taste of summer for just a little while longer. this dish is a result of that: foie gras, pickled peaches, peach preserves, corn bread pudding, balsamic vinegar, and roast chicken jus. the foods grown for us by great people like tim is what makes my job that much more fun…

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cornbread and buttermilk

red snapper, tomatoes, cornbread & buttermilk

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veggies veggies veggies

seasonal local vegetable plate

eggplant, okra, chanterelles, shiitakes, oysters, squash, tomatoes, fingerling potatoes, carrots. the varieties and textures on this plate really turn me on!

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always looking for something unique and interesting to share… Aimee Gajus, our local wild mushroom expert, was willing to share some pics of a recent patch of chanterelles she stumbled across. i can’t tell you where, but at least you get a look-see! Aimee brings them to us by the shopping bag full much to the enjoyment of our guests.

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crispy skin chicken tastes so good…

polyface chicken

polyface pastured hens have amazing qualities that contribute to a succulent meat, crispy skin, and great flavor. served with sweet corn puree, roesti potato, baby squash blossoms filled with country ham mousse, stewed tomatoes, and soy bean succotash.

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