“fresh” the movie

lucky me, farrell and  i took off from dinner service on wednesday night to attend a screening of the recently released movie “FRESH”. it is a documentary inspired by a new yorker magazine article on global warming a few years ago. joel salatin of polyface farms is a huge part of the film as they do a sort of visual side-by-side comparison of small bio-dynamic farms vs. the industrial farm machine. a lot of the themes and ideas covered in omnivore’s dilemma are prevalent in the movie, as well as several interviews with michael pollan himself. if you can attend a viewing, or purchase the dvd, or heck, ask to borrow my copy, please see this movie, and get everyone you can to watch it with you. im going to consider it a part of basic training for new staff members, and hope to get everyone of my neighbors and friends over to watch it with me. there was a panel discussion after the film with joel, ramona huff of gryffon’s aerie, and two other local activists (forgive me for losing my flyer and not remembering your names) who fielded questions from the audience, and had a great give-take with local restauranteurs, farmers and consumers. im happy to report that the theater was sold out, packed to the gills, and there was plenty of applause and cheering throughout various parts. i was nearly moved to tears by the end, and i cant help but look at my own garden, farmers, and food providers in a whole new light today. SEE THIS MOVIE.

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tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes…

i’m sure many of you get sick and tired of hearing about tomatoes come summertime, but there are few things we enjoy more around here than finding new ways to offer them to our guests. our first heirloom tomato tasting is: olive oil-rosemary tartlette with caramelized onions, stewed tomatoes and mascarpone granita; tomato water with tomato gels and greek basil; and medley of matt’s wild, tigerella, mr. stripey, green zebra and peach boy. we are so fortunate to have as many great tomato growers as we do, thanks to Randy’s Produce, Stone House, Double H, and Green Thumb Monkey Farms.

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“hens & chickens” of the wood

we were pleasantly surprised to get a call from one of our local foragers who brought us the summer’s first hen of the woods, and chicken of the woods. the dish consists of both mushrooms cooked on the grill, leeks, polenta gnocchi, basil pesto vinaigrette, & matt’s wild cherry tomatoes. what a great mixture of smoke, wood, and sweet flavors…

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black raspberries

crumb cake bread pudding

crumb cake bread pudding

this is jon’s new dessert with local black raspberries & coffee cake made into a bread pudding served warm with black raspberry ice cream. chef perry couldnt get over the fact that jon took such a great coffee cake and turned it into bread pudding, oh well, i think it’s awesome both ways…

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spring onion spoonbread

spring onion spoonbread

served with grilled local “rag mountain” trout, vegetable succotash, stewed tomatoes. simple summertime deliciousness…

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polyface pork ribs

braised polyface farms pork spare ribs, deboned, pressed, cut and sauteed. served with summer vegetable slaw, honey-peach bar-b-que sauce, cilantro foam.

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lobster bolognese

lobster and pasta

 chunks of lobster, ragout of tomato, garlic, peas, mascarpone, over pappardelle noodles with a salad of fresh herbs.

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first run tomatoes

tomato mozzarella prosciutto

 first of the season tomatoes from double h farms, fresh mozzarella, basil and prosciutto di parma… what else could you possibly need?

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