gary nabhan and uva food collaborative

Last week we were privledged to host a dinner in honor of Mr. Gary Nabhan, author, historian, and local foods champion of the southwest. This dinner followed an event at UVA with the UVA Food Collaborative , where Mr. Nabhan spoke and signed copies of his new book.

 We tried to show him some of the best foods of the central virginia region…

as usual, i forgot to get a picture of the dessert…

warm banana bread pudding, maker’s mark hard sauce and caramel

many thanks to all who attended and helped along the way! 🙂

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Golden Tilefish

spice crusted tilefish

it’s always a treat when we get our hands on something a little less common on restaurant menus. chris arsenault called me with tilefish this week and if you havent had this fish before, youre missing out. tender, flaky, moist, very reminiscent of grouper.
crusted with fennel, mustard, cumin, espelette, on top of quinoa, millet, capers, raisins, olives and pine nuts, cauliflower coulis, lemon and olive oil.

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scenes from valentine’s

finally getting a chance to upload these pics to share, and realizing i missed my two favorite dishes from our valentine’s prix-fixe menu… bummer.

not pictured: pan seared sea scallops, housemade lomo, harvest thyme’s “lucca” beans, garlic jus. truffled potato raviolini, braised polyface farms beef shortribs, red wine jus, crispy parsnips.

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Pork Belly

crispy pork belly

crispy pork goodness, velvety, creamy fat, succulent meat, what more could you possibly ask for?

crispy pork belly, sweet potato bar-b-que sauce, sweet potato chips, crispy kale, creamy and puffed grits.

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Crispy Duck

You want crispy skin, and rendered so it isn’t all fatty? Start with a COLD pan! Sauteed breast with duck fat roasted fingerlings, cabbage, country ham, butternut squash, red wine sauce.

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things i like to eat…

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fall inspirations

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fall is here… busy busy.

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“Take Thyme for Women’s Health”

a few times a year, as a chef, i get the opportunity to step out of my own kitchen and work with some of my peers in a collaborative effort to raise money & awareness for a local charity. last night was one of those occasions where i was one of three guest chefs at keswick hall club and estate here in charlottesville. the event was a fundraiser for women’s health virginia, a local non-profit dedicated to the health and wellness of women & girls here in our state. it was a great time for everyone involved, and i was honored to be included. it’s always a great feeling when as cooks, we can use our craft to bring enjoyment to guests while doing a little good in the community along the way. many thanks to executive chef dean maupin, chef de cuisine amalia scatena, and sous-chef curtis shaver, and catering manager adam donovan-groves, of keswick hall; alex montiel chef-owner of brasserie montiel; and jenny peterson chef-owner & personal trainer (!) of paradox pastry (that’s right, she a workout queen), for a great event! i look forward to taking part again in the future…

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ravioli di zucca

homemade local heirloom pumpkin ravioli, hen of the woods mushrooms, crispy parsnips, sage & parmigiano

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