soft shells!

soft shell "blt"

some of my favorite summer flavors. tomatoes with bacon. basil. crab. our badass homemade ciabatta. aioli. mmhmmmm. boy am i going to miss summer.

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old school pork


polyface farms pork rib chop, maker's-cocacola jus

after playing with sous-vide pork for several months now, and enjoying every minute of it, i decided to go back to a more traditional method of preparing our super awesome pork chops from polyface farms… thick cut pork rib chop, pan-roasted and basted with butter and bacon fat, my first chef, master chef robert greault, would refer to this as “poele”. i’d almost forgotten how amazing and succulent this meat tastes when properly caramelized and crisped. there is simply no better way to do it.

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summertime faves

yep, can’t live through summer without overdoing it on some of these… watermelon, barrel-aged greek feta & basil. jumbo lump crabmeat salad, peaches, avocado, & tomato. stewed tomatoes & crabmeat. it’s hard to think about how soon fall will be here, need to get my fill before it’s too late!

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corn and pasta

corn ravioli

absolutely one of my favorite things to eat. i love the sweetness of corn and pasta together, this time with some local chanterelles, heirloom cherry tomatoes, parmigiano and basil.

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