goat for easter?

despite what most of us think, greeks like goat for easter most of all. gail from caromont farms provided us with the goat, i prepared it, and family & friends devoured it.

leg was de-boned, rubbed with mustard, rosemary, garlic, and cooked slowly  on the grill. shoulder was marinated with fresh oregano, garlic, olive oil, covered with “lardo” (compliments of mccrady’s), and slow-roasted for several hours. the saddle was de-boned, stuffed with rice, sonoma jack cheese, pine nuts, onions, parsley, oregano, and garlic, rolled, tied and braised until tender. cooking liquid was reduced a bit and used to sauce all 3 cuts. i forgot to take a picture before we started tearing into it… happy easter!

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creme fraiche sorbet

creme fraiche sorbet, fresh raspberries, lavender honey, sugared almonds, florentine cookie

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april showers

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spring greens

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easter breads


my dad (tom v) makes some of the best breads you’ve ever tasted (he’s even had a female guest of the restaurant propose to him as a result)… this is a traditional greek easter bread, “tsoureki”, that he makes for family, friends, and occasionally the restaurant. it is made with  a middle eastern spice called “mahleb”, oj, zest, eggs, sugar, yeast, salt, water, and almonds on top. you should be so lucky to have some of the leftovers toasted and buttered or made into french toast! mmmmgood! happy easter!

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they come and they go

ive been cooking here at the ivyinn for the last 14 years (longer than i couldve dreamed), that is the constant. the variable is the many talented

jeremiah, chef ang & the labor day pig

jeremiah, chef ang & the labor day pig

cooks that have come through our doors, learned some things, passed on some ideas, and left for new adventures (bigger job, more money, move to the big city, etc)… the ivyinn is the beneficiary ( and me of course) of these “transactions”. everyone who has walked through our kitchen door, has given us another weave to add to the tapestry that is our restaurant. we take a piece of each of them which becomes a part of our restaurant dna, and ultimately makes them all a member of our “extended family”.

jeremiah langhorne has left charlottesville to relocate in charleston, sc and work for chef sean brock of mccrady’s restaurant. jeremiah is a young, talented and motivated cook who will be a great new member of their team. we will miss him…

mike perry joins us from the red hen in lexington where chef tucker yoder and he have been forging relationships with local farmers and food producers in a true farm-to-table dining experience. i look forward to seeing what chef perry brings to our tables. check his blog to see what he’s been up to.

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white and green asparagus

white and green asparagus


definately one of the most anticipated vegetables of the spring season. i tend to get over them after about a month, but for the first few weeks of spring im very excited to have them back…

white and green asparagus, grilled portobello mushroom, mustard cream, red & yellow pepper emulsions, olive oil crackers, and violas from our garden.

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