next course- 3/20/2010

polyface farms chicken breast wrapped in homemade chicken sausage (25% pork), amfog oyster mushrooms, buttermilk biscuit (local buttermilk! still had little chunks of butter floating in it, so delicious!), whipped virginia maple syrup, roast chicken reduction sauce with a touch of whole grain mustard.

the method for the chicken was shared with me by the chef’s at mccrady’s restaurant in charleston, sc, a very big THANK YOU to them… the sharing of one’s ideas is one of the greatest gifts we can bestow on our fellow cooks, and it is a blessing to have experienced this seemingly “open recipe book” policy employed  by chef sean brock and his staff. i am inspired every day just thinking about it. you guys kick ass.

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first course- 3/20/2010

smoked trout, deviled eggs, sunchokes

rag mountain farm smoked trout, polyface farms deviled egg, pickled harvest thyme herb farm sunchokes & mache, tobiko caviar and mosto olive oil… this was the first plated course for our farmer’s dinner last week. someone told me the components didnt seem to flow in the presentation of this dish, but i still think it tasted great.

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pork belly sliders- farmer’s dinner

the second canape was double h farms pork belly “sliders” on homemade roasted garlic-sage brioche rolls with slow-cooked egg yolk mayo. this was inspired by a recent visit to komi restaurant in washington dc.

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farmer’s dinner “gyro”


for canapes we started with “autumn olive farms” goat shoulders roasted with lardo (many thanks to travis and jeremiah at mccrady’s), garlic, oregano, salt and pepper. we picked the meat and stuffed it into mini pocket pita bread, and topped it with my dad’s homemade yogurt, cucumber, dill, and caromont farms feta cheese. this was quite a hit…

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farmer’s dinner, spring equinox 3-20-2010

I haven’t managed to organize all of my pics from the dinner just yet, but I wanted to get a few up while I had a chance… if youd like to read a well written documentation of our planning and execution of this dinner, visit Lisa Reeder’s blog , A Local Notion, where she will share our story. Happy Spring everyone!

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the garden is shaping up

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smells like spring spirit

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harvest thyme herb farm visit

this morning, i had the great pleasure of walking through the property of harvest thyme herb farm with deirdre and phil armstrong, and took in the joys of finding whats growing in their garden just after its awakening from the depths of winter. to the untrained it would appear as though not much was going on, but with their help we uncovered all sorts life beneath the dry dead growth. we’ll have sunchokes, parsnips, mache, creasy greens, collards and a variety of herbs at our disposal for the equinox dinner this saturday. thank you so much to Deirdre & Phil who were such gracious hosts, who provided us with coffee, muffins, and her homemade cider-rosemary jelly! what a visit! im really looking forward to our guests getting the opportunity to meet these great people at the dinner this weekend. it is my pleasure and honor to serve the foods that they so painstakingly care for. hope to see you saturday…

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amFog oysters

these are definately the most beautiful oyster mushrooms ive ever laid my hands on. Yvonne from amFog in afton is one of the few growers in the region having had success cultivating oyster mushrooms. They do such an amazing job with everything thing they grow and sell, and it’s our pleasure to use products from great people like Yvonne. Find out more about them at

i have to find an appropriate home for these on the farmer’s menu next week.

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