spring flavors

carrot crusted grouper

carrot crusted grouper

warm weather here at last (i think), and the flow of locally grown stuff just starting to trickle in. lots of greens & lettuces mostly, but i couldnt resist putting this dish on despite the lack of local carrots and favas thus far…

carrot-crusted grouper, yukon gold potato “risotto”, favas, baby carrots, & chervil pesto.

dehydrated some carrots, pulverized them in the spice grinder, tossed with japanese breadcrumbs, olive oil, chives, thyme, parsley, & chervil. the fish is seared, aioli is spread over the top, breadcrumbs are sprinkled, and finished in the oven.

vibrant, fresh flavors that have me so excited that spring is finally here…

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lomo embuchado by way of cville…



so our meats are slowly coming along, and most recently cut into our first attempt at “lomo embuchado”, which of course is a sort of bastardization since we dont live in spain, oh well… it was delicious, and its all gone, poof!, just like that. it was marinated for 12 days, packed into casings, and hung for another 20 days, quick turnaround actually, and since it turned out so well, our next batch has already been started.(im pretty sure we ate more of it ourselves than we actually served customers!) in the other photo you can see jeremiah went nuts before leaving, and made our curing chamber pretty full of good stuff. pepperoni, san francisco style salami & hunter’s loop, looking forward to some more good eats!

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spicy sopressata…

sopressata, scallops, potatoes, fennel, mustard

sopressata, scallops, potatoes, fennel, mustard


the first taste of our homemade salame was one of the sopressata that was smaller than the others, and cured in about a month. it has a fantastic texture, slightly chewy, with a peppery and slightly fermented flavor. we incorporated it into a scallop dish with rissoler potatoes, shaved fennel salad, & mustard vinaigrette. 2 nights on the menu, and its gone! oh well, more on the way… next up: “lomo embuchado”

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