its a well known secret that sometimes the best foods a restaurant kitchen turns out never actually makes it to the guests… case in point, a recent lunch at the ivy inn prepared by my, recently semi-retired, dad ( a 3rd generation baker, and career pizza maker). we were wowed with his version of pan pizza with a variey of toppings including greek sausage, kalamata olives, feta cheese, roasted tomatoes, homemade pepperoni and more. needless to say we gorged ourselves, and wished we had nap time before dinner service. i might have to force him out of retirement and back to pizza making, because he is the man. thanks dad!

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duck duck

duet of duck

pan roasted breast, five spice braised leg, “farroto” (yes, there it is again!), sweet potato puree, bok chot, shaved root vegetable salad.

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cooking for friends

one of the greatest joys of restaurant cooking is when friends come in to check out what youve been up to, and ask to try all of your latest dishes. deirdre and phil armstrong of harvest thyme herb farm in staunton has been growing specialty produce for us for the last 4 seasons. in celebration of their last delivery until next spring, they joined us on a snowy friday night last week. we presented them with a 7 course tasting with pairings, and it was the highlight of the week. its always a great feeling when your guests leave it up to you to cook what you want to for them. as a chef, i do it all the time, asking the server to tell the chef to choose my courses for me, usually with great success, of course every once in a while, some smartalek puts duck and mahimahi on your plate and calls it modern cooking. i can assure you we wont do that… happy holidays to all and to all a good night! cheers!

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we are crazy about farro! this grain of ancient origins is packed with fiber, higher in protein than other wheat products, and retains a pleasant toothiness when cooked, making it perfect for a twist on “risotto”. we are using “farroto” (thumbs up to “the kitchen” in boulder,co) with our osso buco dish, studded with diced turnips, watermelon radishes, and sweet potatoes, finished with mascarpone, and parmigiano. mmm, yum yum…

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pork tastes good

triumphant trio of pork

for those of you who have dined with us before, you’ll know that we love to feature our favorite farm animal in a variety of preparations. polyface farms pork ribeye, roasted sweet potatoes, maker’s mark jus, pyramid ravioli of surry sausage, chestnut puree, sage butter, double h farms bourbon-molasses braised pork shank, creamy grits, crispy sweet potato. lots of love to our local farmers that make a dish like this possible, if it wasn’t for their awesome pigs, it wouldnt be worth the effort!

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in and around this week…


double h farms delivery, maple roasted pumpkin, spice cake apple bread pudding & pumpkin ice cream, the holidays are here, first snow, super awesome christmas tree, the tree again, another new dessert.

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