wish i remembered to take a pic after i cooked it...

there are few things that get chefs as fired up as arguing over which breeds of pork taste the best… thanks to my old friend and colleague nathan anda, chef/proprietor of www.redapronbutchery.com , “chef’s night” last night included a taste of some locally raised ossabaw pork that he is working with from bev eggleston of ecofriendly foods. a breed of pig that was let loose on ossabaw island georgia in the 16th century by spanish explorers, it has an unusually high fat to meat ratio, and is exceptionally succulent, moist and delicious… coming soon to a restaurant near you!

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fall is here… busy busy.

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always looking for something unique and interesting to share… Aimee Gajus, our local wild mushroom expert, was willing to share some pics of a recent patch of chanterelles she stumbled across. i can’t tell you where, but at least you get a look-see! Aimee brings them to us by the shopping bag full much to the enjoyment of our guests.

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