food is therapeutic


a week at the beach to recharge our batteries, son and his best buddy in tow, has taken us fishing, farm stand shopping, museum going, eating in, eating out, body surfing and the like… the restaurant is in the capable hands of our staff, i bet you never knew we left!


we are enjoying many of the things the southeast coast has to offer: sausage biscuits, sunsets, streak o’ lean, swimming, stewed tomatoes, spot, and all things not beginning with “s” as well. my personal highlight so far is being schooled by a latina woman at garner’s farm stand in reference to hot peppers. i asked to taste a few to be sure they were hot, and was told to help myself. after trying a couple and claiming that they were in fact not really hot, the woman told me to look for the peppers that werent so shiny and pretty, but had a slightly dishelved appearance. i tried one she chose for me, and sure enough she was right, much to the amusement of the proprietors, customers and my family. my mouth was most certainly ablaze, lesson learned. see y’all next week!

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