foie gras & strawberries

foie gras with strawberries three ways

strawberry puree, strawberry powder, roasted strawberry, balsamic & brioche

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field trip


I was lucky enough to spend the morning with richard bean and chefs ben thompson of the rock barn, and mike perry breaking down some pork for our delivery this week. such a different perspective a chef can get when he participates first hand in the process of getting the food home. man, awesome. thank you.

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shaping up

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spring fever

loving this weather

i cant seem to get outside enough these days… the garden is rocking, picked little kale flowers this morning, cut back rosemary, making pickled spring garlic, psyched for spring flavors. much more real soon.

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works in progress

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fava beans

very expensive...

if you start with 10 pounds of just picked fava beans at $2.50 per pound, spend an hour, shelling, blanching and peeling, and actually evaluate what you have left over in the end, you just paid a whopping $16 per pound for beans (labor not included). sheesh… (10# beans=1# 9 oz. prepped beans for service, and 8# 7 oz. compost fodder) makes me love ’em that much more!

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cured salmon

house cured salmon

quinoa-orange salad, creme fraiche, tobiko, baby beet tops, microgreens, mosto olive oil.

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raviolo of lobster


lobster “raviolo”

jumbo raviolo (singular form ‘en italiano’) of lobster, mascarpone and parmigiano, on a bed of local oyster mushrooms, tender leeks, lobster cream, chervil, chives, parsley, tobiko caviar, baby bulls blood beet tops, amaranth, and micro arugula. get the recipe from “the hook”.

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farmer’s dinner dessert 3/20/2010

we were so well-organized (ha!), that we forgot to get a shot of the dessert… our best intentions are often left neglected, sorry. we used one of our house favorites, lemon meringue icebox cake. layers of lemon curd, lemon cream, caramel, graham cracker crumbs, vanilla-lemon syrup, and candied lemon. a light, sweet, and perfect finish to an otherwise rich and fairly decadent menu.

we closed out the festivities at the ivy inn on the patio, with ellen nagase playing her fiddle, and mike & me doing some strange version of a greek dance to the laughter and applause of all those in attendance. the after party continues at x-lounge downtown, but  i won’t embarrass anyone with those pictures!

for a better, and more thorough synopsis of the evening’s events, please visit & .

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the pork course 3/20/2010

double h farms pork loin, bbq brined, slow cooked, brushed with korean black garlic bar-b-que sauce, roasted sweet potatoes, collards, southern skillet corn bread, baby kale and red mustard. once again a nod of appreciation to mccrady’s for the sharing of the recipe for the black garlic sauce. a year or two ago, jeremiah langhorne brought some of that fermented black garlic to work with him, and quite honestly we couldnt figure out what to do with it (that stuff is pretty nasty on it’s own!).

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