crab, avocado, mango

the "gateau"

the "gateau"

stacked layers of jumbo lump crabmeat with sour cream, lime, cilantro; diced avocado; tomato; mango; microgreens dressed with scallion-lime vinaigrette; cilantro coulis; red and yellow pepper emulsions. (i forgot the crouton for this picture)

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we got some of the tastiest berries ever this week, and featured them with almond shortcakes and strawberry ice cream… i missed the pic of the actual dessert though.

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bison short ribs from free union, va; homemade spaetzle made with polyface eggs; double h farms carrots scented with garam masala; randy’s peas; rosemary from our garden… this dish is what LOCAL AND FRESH is all about.

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sugar snaps


a little butter and some salt & pepper, and boy are these delicious…

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local spring salad

local salad of spring flavors

local salad of spring flavors

stonehouse farms turnips marinated with sherry vinegar and olive oil, double h farms arugula, caromont farms ricotta salata, bacon vinaigrette, sherry gastric, toasted pine nuts

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charcuterie plate

salamini cacciatori, lomo embuchado, rosette de lyon

salamini cacciatori, lomo embuchado, rosette de lyon

so it took months to finally get there, but thanks to jeremiah and mike, we finally have something to eat. meats from polyface and double h farms were used exclusively. we have a couple  other varieties to switch as this continues to progress. they are all delicious! served with pickled red onions, gherkins, whole grain mustard, and grilled homemade focaccia.

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oregon porcinis

mr. joe daugherty and his wife came from oregon last fall to introduce area restaurants to his mushrooms. he is a forager and wholesaler of all varieties of northwest wild edibles. he brought us some great truffles last fall, and most recently the morels (last week), and porcinis (this week). its always great to forge these relationships with people so close to the products they sell. thanks joe, we love your mushrooms!

joseph daugherty specialty mushrooms

culver, oregon


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