“Take Thyme for Women’s Health”

a few times a year, as a chef, i get the opportunity to step out of my own kitchen and work with some of my peers in a collaborative effort to raise money & awareness for a local charity. last night was one of those occasions where i was one of three guest chefs at keswick hall club and estate here in charlottesville. the event was a fundraiser for women’s health virginia, a local non-profit dedicated to the health and wellness of women & girls here in our state. it was a great time for everyone involved, and i was honored to be included. it’s always a great feeling when as cooks, we can use our craft to bring enjoyment to guests while doing a little good in the community along the way. many thanks to executive chef dean maupin, chef de cuisine amalia scatena, and sous-chef curtis shaver, and catering manager adam donovan-groves, of keswick hall; alex montiel chef-owner of brasserie montiel; and jenny peterson chef-owner & personal trainer (!) of paradox pastry (that’s right, she a workout queen), for a great event! i look forward to taking part again in the future…

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ravioli di zucca

homemade local heirloom pumpkin ravioli, hen of the woods mushrooms, crispy parsnips, sage & parmigiano

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fennel & cranberry beans


phil & deirdre’s vegetables truly make this dish what it is… mustard-fennel-espelette crsuted tuna, heirloom cranberry beans, baby fennel, stewed tomatoes, roasted fingerlings, black olives. yumyum!

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