Cool weather chicken flavor

Polyface Farms Chicken Breast

Polyface Farms Chicken Breast


Cold nights, barely warm days, & stiff breezes; all reminders that fall is here for good. Our flavor palate is changing as a  result, as many chefs will tell you that autumn is their favorite time of year (it’s mine).

this dish is the first on our menu to truly reflect the change of season… Pan-Roasted Polyface Farms Chicken Breast, Local October Beans, Roast Butternut Squash, Butternut-Bacon Puree, Walnut-Maple-Sage Butter, and Roast Chicken Jus

if you haven’t found out about Polyface yet, you’re missing out. Joel Salatin, one of the region’s most out-spoken and respected farmers and advocates for the local food chain is the single best source for all that is good about family farms and keeping it all close to home. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet and listen to Joel on a few occasions, he is an encyclopedia of information (both social, political, and environmental), look out for farm day next year, and make the trip if you can. It’s well worth it.


ps. for our blog fans- i’ve found that i can type on one leg, so hopefully the injury will not stop us… 🙂

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  1. Very cool site, Angelo! I’m sorry to hear about your leg. :o( My son Travis just broke his arm so I’m understanding the broken bone thing now.

  2. Hey Angelo,

    Deirdre was describing this blog this morning pre-lunch, and my mouth was watering! I had to come check it out. It’s too bad I can’t make an ice cream flavor out of this!

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