chili heads…

youve never seen grown men act as sophomoric as we do when phil armostrong brings us his weekly delivery (harvest thyme herbs) of HOTTER THAN HELL chili peppers. fatale, hot paper lantern, wenk’s yellow hot, fish, kung pao, thai hot, & carrot to name just a few. it is a rite of passage amongst our kitchen staff members to abuse ourselves to see who can suffer the worst (read:best). stop by sometime and ask to try our homemade hot sauce stash, pickled peppers, or just plain old fresh chilies eaten with a squeeze of lime and some salt (and often chased with a big glass of milk!). cheers!

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  1. The People in Philadelphia love my home made Chili.
    The peppers are just one of the key ingredients,
    the other being Cilantro.
    Kung Pao is my preferred pepper, flavorful and not
    to hot. Habanera Sauce on the side.
    Philip & Deirdre supply all my peppers and sauces.
    Thanks Bro.

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