Richard & Jean of Double H Farms

you can find richard bean and jean rinaldi weekly at the c-ville market from april until october. engage richard in any sort of conversation, be it political, environmental, or philosophical and be ready to get an earful… he is the most fun and engaging person to talk to of all our farmers. opinionated, proud, and always a laugh; richard makes a sport out of verbal harrassment. sometimes i wonder if we but more produce from him simply because we like to hear from him each week. jean is a bit more reserved, (or is polite the better choice of word) and is simply an awesome person everyone should get to know.

In a time when even our soil and air might not know the truth, the only solace we can take in decision-making about our inner peace is through honest, organic and sustainable farming. I guarantee that if you know the name of the person who picks your carrots and peas, you will feel better and so will your grandchildren.” -Mario Batali – Chef, author and host of Molto Mario and Mario Eats Italy on the Food Network.

on that note- if you ever have a chance to visit double h, they are gracious hosts and will share with you their love and passion for the animals they raise and foods they grow. somehow, things just taste better that way…

for more about double h, richard and jean, read this link from

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  1. sometimes i wonder if we but more produce from him simply because we like to hear from him each week.

    Hi! 🙂 I stumbled across your blog by sheer happenstance recently and noticed a typo in this sentence. Yes. I’m a weirdo-grammar type. Go ahead. Call me anal. I admit it. Me thinks you meant “buy” instead of but. 🙂 I love what I see so far. Would really appreciate labelled pics of who is in which photo. For the TRUE fans…

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